The Main Attractions in the Bridgend Area

Located right between the cities of Cardiff and Swansea, the small town of Bridgend can be found. Full of the recognisable energy of the South Wales coastline, this town is not big in size, but it is huge when it comes to its history, tourist attractions and the wonderful spirit that infuse this entire region of the UK. Additionally, thanks to the cozy size of Bridgend as a town, it can be called a treasure trove for all those visitors who enjoy experiencing a place using their feet. That is why walks in the Bridgend area represent one of the key attractions for tourists, especially thanks to the fact that the town and its surroundings have so much to offer. Here are some of the key things in the Bridgend area that everyone who visits should get a chance to see.

Bridgend’s Rich and Ancient History

The first settlement had been created in this place because of the two rivers: Ogmore and Ewenny. The bridge that was built on the River Ogmore is how the town got his name in the first place. According to the archeological excavations, the site was inhabited in prehistoric times. During the Roman rule of the area, the spot was an additionally developed, even though not permanently settled until the period of the Norman invasion. Using cunning of the local rulers and political marriage, the area escaped destruction and became integrated into the new kingdom. Around the 11th century, a defensive triangle was built in the area composed of three castles. These are castles at Coity, Ogmore, and Newcastle. Coity is currently in the best shape, so any walks in the Bridgend area should make way to experience it.

The Industrialisation Monuments

As the cradle of the industrial revolution, Wales has a lot of monuments from this period. In the Bridgend area, the mining industry started developing in the 17th century there are somber reminders of this period. Nearby, the Parc Slip drift mine disaster that took place in 1892 is remembered by a monument which can be easily visited.

The Nature Experience

Aside from historical sightseeing, walks in the Bridgend area can include some gorgeous natural locations where the stunning power of Wales’ coastline can be experienced. Maesteg and St Mary’s golf clubs are both easily accessible and can be visited. The area’s Bryngarw Country Park is a location which won many prizes as a heritage site and is an ideal place for a short break and a light lunch. The Kenfig National Nature Reserve is the prime destination for all those who love to observe wildlife or simply enjoy walking among the incredible wilderness of the area. All of these have in common the natural landscape that made Wales famous all over the world. The same area is shaped in turn by the rugged landscape full of hills and meadows, but also, the Atlantic Ocean that batters its coast. This made the area perfect for all those who love to walk in a place where the modern world and the ancient nature coexist in complete harmony.

With all these options, there is no doubt that walks in the Bridgend area can leave all visitors with plenty of unforgettable experiences and memories.