Bridgend Riverside Walks

Those who would like to understand more about the new term Staycation would most certainly be interested to know more about the much talked about Bridgend Driving school and riverside walks. Before getting into further details about this famous riverside walk, let us have some basic understanding about the new phrase Staycation. It is a combination of stay and vacation. This is because budgets have become tighter these days and getting on exotic holidays is becoming quite difficult. But that does not and should not prevent people for planning and enjoying holidays and visiting Bridgend Beauty Salon and also while you are there Bridgend Nail Salon

Why These Walks Are So Very Different

Bridgend is well known for its waterfronts and rivers which eventually drain out in to the sea. The biggest reason why Staycation in and around Bridgend is becoming so very popular is because of the extreme diversity that it offers. It has some of the most stunning landscapes and gorgeous river fronts and also beaches. The villages that lie hidden in between these fantastic landscapes is well and truly a great experience to say the least. It is also referred to as the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and it runs for 14 miles covering some of the most scenic places that perhaps nature can offer. It covers the Vale of Glamorgan and moves to Porthcawl further to the west. The entire area is dotted with majestic cliffs and golden sands and coves which are totally secluded and away from human civilisation.

How To get Around Bridgend

The best way to get started with this staycation it would be better to set base camp at Court Colman Manor. It is situated close to Bridgend. You could either trek or use a combination of trekking and cycling you so desire. Apart from the scenic beauty and the wide variety of flora and fauna that the entire course offers, there are also many places of historical significance that one should always keep in mind. The Dunraven Castle has lot of historical significance attached to it, though today most of it remains in ruins. It is not exactly a castle but more of a house that is well fortified. It is famous for its kitchen gardens and landing stage. The highly famous and much sought after Ogmore-by-Sea is another wonderful destination which will also fall in this route. It offers some of the most awesome view along the sea coast and you also could have a closer look at the estuary which leads to Porthcawl and Merthyr Mawr. The caves have quite a few wonderful new explorations to offer and the wide diversity of flora and fauna is simply amazing.

As you move along the coast line, you could in many of the team rooms by the riverside. You could enjoy a cool drink and refresh and reenergise your body and mind as you move along. You will also be able to have a look at St. Donat’s Castle. Built in the 13th Century, the castle was held by De Haweys family. The castle was sold in 1925 to a millionaire newspaper businessman. It was eventually taken over by an international school, Atlantic College by name and this happened in the year 1960. Why not use a local CV writing service while you are there?